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Luxury Spa Treatments in Fayetteville, GA

Our team of specialists will take the time to discuss your goals & determine the appropriate esthetic changes needed to accomplish the look you're going for.  We're here to make you feel & look good.



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Microneedling Services

"Very relaxing massage and I got a foot massage at the same time.  Wonderful service.  Would highly recommend!"

Judy A.

"This place was everything.  The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxing.  I am definitely going back"


Shannita J

We were recently featured in an article, Fayetteville's GlamaRich Studios: Pampering on a Budget. If you're interested in Georgia State Homes, check out what they have to offer for Senoia, GA Real Estate.

Monday- Friday     9am-7pm

Saturday               9am-5pm

*  Lashes

*  Body Treatments

*  Anti-Aging Treatments

*  Skin Care

*  Waxing

Teeth Whitening

​*  ​Spa Parties